Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Kindness Of Strangers

We just came back from out trip to California last week.  It was fantastic!  We spent one day in Vegas.  When you go to Vegas with "parent eyes" on, the whole city changes and after a short time on the strip visiting Coke and M&M we decided to head back to our hotel- off the strip.
The next few days we spent with my sister in California at Disneyland and California Adventure!  We had a great time and Bryce was at the perfect age for it.  Though he didn't get to go on every ride, we still had an awesome time.  It is also amazing to go with someone who has a season pass so they are very cool with watching the munchkins!  Thanks Sister!
The next few days, Danny had some meetings and we hung out at my sister's place in Glendora.  The last day we drove back to Vegas to return the car and fly out the next morning.  So starts my story of kindness of strangers!
Bryce, Mason and I flew on a buddy pass on a wonderful friend and on the way out to Vegas got the first flight we wanted.  On the way back it was a completely different story!  We attempted to fly out at 9:30am.  Danny had a paid ticket since this was a working vacation so when they told us that we wouldn't get out on that flight, I told him to go on and we'd catch the next flight in 2 hours.  No big deal.  He felt horrible about leaving us but I reassured him we'd see him in a couple hours.  If only that had been the case.  So the next few hours we occupied ourselves with moving sidewalks, Vegas trinkets and watching planes.  My phone charger was in my checked bag so my phone was starting to get low.  A sweet couple next to me overheard this comment as I was talking to Danny and loaned me their charger til their plane took off- kindness act #1. The last flight out of the day was 6:40pm and I was confident we would get on so we grabbed some dinner.  Bryce climbed out of the stroller and the whole thing tipped over with Mason included.  I was so embarrassed and frazzled from a whole day at the airport and a kind business man behind me helped me pick up everything and then bought Bryce a milk that he was wanting- kindness act #2.  The 6:40pm flight becomes completely full and only 2 of the 10 standby friends get on the flight to go home.  My hopes come crashing down as now I am stuck in Vegas for the night with 2 little boys, a stroller, and a backpack.  I tell Danny of my fate and he kindly books us a hotel with a shuttle service!  I go to the store in the airport to buy a phone charger and accidentally buy one that doesn't connect to the wall just USB.  This does me no good and they have a sign that says "all sales final".  I go back and ask them if I can please exchange it for one that has an outlet with it and out of the graciousness of their hearts they return it and let me have another one= kindness act #3.  While at this same store returning my charger, Bryce asks for a box of candy.  At this point, I am frazzled and frustrated and just wanting to get to the hotel so I tell him later.  The kind cashier says that if it's ok with me he can just have them- kindness act #4.  The shuttle comes and picks us up and takes us to the hotel where the front desk lady greets us.  Danny had told her our story and she was extremely sweet and caring.  We were still kinda hungry and I had noticed a 7-11 nearby so I was heading out the front door when the front desk lady asked where I was going.  I told her we desperately needed some mac and cheese :) and water and would walk to the 7-11.  She told me this was not a good time to be walking alone out there so she would have the shuttle take me to the 7-11- kindness act #5.
The next morning we woke up at 4:30am to make sure we were there to make it on the 6:45am flight.  We had to go through security again and doing it with 2 munchkins- one that can't walk through and a stroller that of course decided to act up is not how you want to start the morning.  A super friendly businessman from Dallas helped me fold up my stroller and make sure everything was gathered on the other side - kindness act #6.  So the flight has lots of open spots and I am super excited......but of course people start coming and the flight fills up and we don't make that flight.  I call Danny and let him know that we're not coming yet but the next flight maybe.  He was so sweet and was always so encouraging from afar.  I don't know what I'd do without him!
So we don't make the next two flights by 1 seat. The gate attendant was so sad that we were short just one! It is now 11:45 and the next flight is at 3 and is already overbooked.  Danny, knowing I was almost at whits end, rents a car for me and all I have to do is go pick it up.  The gate attendant says there really is no chance I'll get on the 3pm flight but the 6:40pm flight has lots of space. She wasn't supposed to keep me on standby if I miss the 3pm flight but she said since it was my 2nd day in the airport if I missed it she would bump me to the 6:40 flight!  She was my hero- kindness act #7.  We get to the rental car place and head out on the open road- ok just down the street to the outlet mall and Target but it was wonderful to be out of the airport.  We gathered supplies (diapers, candy, deodorant  gum, a change of clothes for the boys) in case we still had one more night.  We sat outside for a bit, the boys finally took a nap, we ate non airport food!  It was just what I needed to get recharged to sit in the airport again.  While we are heading back to the rental return, Danny calls and says to not freak out but it's crazy snowing in CO and just to be aware that they might be a delay or so.  He said that if the flight was cancelled that evening due to weather that he was going to buy tickets so we for sure would be home on Tuesday!  What a guy!
So at the rental place I explained that I wanted to return my car right now but if I had to stay another night that I wanted it back, they were slightly confused but very accommodating and told me I could have my car back if we had to stay another night- kindness act #8.  We get to the gate and the flight is delayed from 6:40p to 7:10.  All I wanted to know was if I was actually on the flight or not!  I could have cared less if it was delayed 2 hours as long as we got on.  A very sweet couple from Edgewater chatted with us and I told them our story.  The man wanted to give up their seats so we could get out.  I told him it didn't work that was with the list but he still went up to the gate to ask - kindness act #9.  At about 6:50p, the gate attendant said that ALL standby could get on!  It brought tears to my eyes!  When I went up to get our tickets, she looked through the stack and gave us row 4 seats instead of the way back and she was so happy for us! Kindness act #10.  We got on the flight and since I have two little munchkins, I always offer to pay for TV for the poor person stuck in our row.  She declined because she was going to sleep.  The flight attendant came around and she had a perk of free TV- she declined it but asked that he swipe Bryce's TV instead- kindness act #11.  When the plane finally took off, I was beyond thrilled and so happy to come home to CO and to Danny.  When we got off the plane, there was Danny.  He had gotten a gate pass, went through security and came to meet us- kindness act #12.  It was an interesting couple of days but it really helped restore my hope in humanity.  People are really genuinely kind and generous and you never know how just a simple act of kindness can make a person's day!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Good bye Summer

Wow so this summer just flew by.  I don't know if it was the fact that I have 2 little munchkins, school, family in town, outdoors calling our names but I haven't blogged!
We have been staying busy this summer with going to the zoo, catching a few baseball games, hiking, camping, bike riding and other summer fun activities.
 Mason has learned how to roll over and that is his major mode of transportation.  He can't wait to get up and run with Bryce.  Mason has also started to eat solid foods- he loves bananas and carrots!  He's just growing up so fast and I can't believe that next week he'll be 6 months already!

We took our first family camping trip all four of us (5 if you include Benton).  It was a great time up near Bailey, CO.  Sleeping in a tent was interesting but we had a great time and Bryce loved it!  He loves throwing rocks into rivers and could literally do this all day.  He's a great little hiker and loves the outdoors while looking for squirrels and rabbits.
No so sure about camping!

Danny and I also were able to celebrate our birthdays in Seattle this year.  It was supposed to be a surprise trip for Danny but as my luck goes I can never keep a secret from that man so he knew about it.  We had a great time on our first out of state trip without the munchkins!  We also were able to check another baseball field off of our bucket list to see all the baseball fields of America!
Seattle Mariners

Bryce also has picked up a hobby of picture taking- He loves taking self portraits and some of the pictures he "stages" are hilarious!  (he's getting a kiddo camera for his birthday so I don't have to worry so much about him breaking my camera)
Here a few of his masterpieces!  He's such a goof!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Oh how time flies

It has been a while since I have blogged due to the fact of adjusting to our new normalcy. Mason is growing like a weed and was 10lbs 10 oz at his 2 month check up!  He has just started smiling and melting our hearts.  He's starting to sleep more regularly and figure out this crazy thing called life.  Bryce is loving his brother and wants to play cars with him all the time.  The day that Mason can finally play with Bryce will be a wonderful day.  Bryce is also becoming such a little guy.  He is chatting up a storm and asks deep and thoughtful questions all the time.  He loves to sing and thoroughly enjoys Amazing Grace and Your Grace is Enough sung by the Veggies Tales.  Often times during nap instead of sleeping, you can hear him belting out a tune.  Also our new "talent" of sorts is being potty trained!  After months and months of constant battles, we said it was up to him when to go.  He then decided that it was time for him to use the toilet.  Can we say strong willed??  :)  He also has become quite the athlete with "playing" golf and t-ball in the back yard on a daily basis.  He's just hilarious and I find myself laughing often at the personality he is developing. 
Dan and I are doing great as we just celebrated our 6th anniversary together!  What a fun and adventurous 6 years it has been!  We celebrated by dinner at the Denver Aquarium and fondue.  With a new born, having a night out is all you need.
I also recently started going to back to school.  I am in the Speech Language Pathology courses at CU's online program in anticipation of getting my Speech Language Pathology Assistant Certification by December 2013 to become a speech teacher.  I am thoroughly enjoying it and learning tons about the science of speech.  
Helping feed brother

Our darling boys
Everything is going great and we are looking forward to a wonderful summer!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mighty Mason Joseph

Well this weekend didn't follow the plan that we had!  Danny planned on finishing up the back yard and getting some baby stuff from the attic while I planned on reorganizing the spare bedroom and washing a bunch of baby clothes and then taking Bryce to an Easter Egg hunt and playing at the park.  Instead...
I woke up at 7am to my water breaking.  After a moment of freaking out since I was almost 5 weeks early, we called our wonderful neighbor Aaron to watch Bryce since he was still sleeping!  Aaron, who just got off the late shift was a saint and came and watched Bryce until my dear friend Cori could come watch him after class.  We headed to the hospital unsure if we were indeed having a  baby or if I just needed to be checked out.  Once at the hospital it was clear that we were having a baby sometime soon.  The nurses and doctors at Good Samaritan Hospital were above and beyond helpful in explaining our situation of having a premature baby.  We were given the window of having a perfectly normal baby to having a baby that would need to be in the hospital  until his due date in May.  We were concerned but we understood that our little guy was in God's hands!  They started me on pitocin to start the process.  By 3:30pm, I was in a lot of pain and got the epidural.  We then waited it out for a while.  At about 5:15pm, I felt the need to push and miraculously at 5:21pm, little Mason Joseph was born at 6 lbs 1 oz and 19 inches long.  He was able to breathe on his own and had a clear bill of health! My sister was able to hop on several standby flights and make it out Saturday evening while my parents were on a anniversary trip and were gracious to switch their plans and come out as well.  Mason truly is a mighty little guy.  They continued to monitor him the next couple of days, completely astounded how he was eating, keeping his blood sugar leveled, sleeping, and being alert.  We were even able to take him home before the 48 hour mark!  We are beyond blessed at what a healthy little guy we have!  He looks a lot like Bryce with the cute little nose and bright blue eyes.  Bryce is still getting adjusted to having baby brother at home but likes to help with bringing bottles and diapers as a "big helper".  We are loving that Mason is happy and healthy and so thankful for all the prayers for our little guy!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

When it Rains, It Pours

I don't need sympathy, I am just simply writing this for you to laugh along with me in the funny and imperfect lives we have and how days are not all rainbows and sunshine but sometimes there are those days when you just sit down and can't decide if you should laugh or cry about the circumstances!
I have been struggling with pregnancy insomnia so I didn't go to sleep til about 11:30 just tossing and turning.  Poor Danny got up with Bryce at 12:30 because he was moaning in his sleep only to find that he had soaked through his diaper and needed an outfit change.  About 3 rolls around and I have horrendous leg cramps (I need to increase my potassium) and can't sleep for a while.  Four rolls around and it happens again!  At this point, I am tired and just hoping for a couple hours of sleep but really just hoping the night would end.  At 4:45 Benton gets sick waking both Danny and myself up.  We throw him outside while cleaning up the floor and realizing why some people choose not to have dogs!  5 o'clock and we both are having a rough time falling asleep and once I finally fall asleep my alarm goes off.  The morning progresses fine until Benton comes in and we realize that he's still internally sick.  I won't go into the gruesome details but as we are cleaning Benton up, the smell overtakes me.  For those of you who have been pregnant, you realize that sometimes as much as you will yourself to not get sick over a smell, the harder it becomes.  So poor Danny is cleaning up Benton while I run to the restroom to throw up!  Ah the glory of pregnancy!  A few hours pass, uneventful until I walk into the kitchen and realize the smell of cinnamon is quite strong only to realize that my candle on my candle warmer ( to cover up the smell from earlier this morning)  has shattered and there is red wax all over my counter, floor, dog bowls, recycling and papers.  I quickly clean up the still wet wax and google how to remove all the dried wax off of multiple surfaces.  During this discovery,  I start to feel a little light headed.  I have been having issues with low blood pressure and quickly take a reading to find I am quite low.  I gobble down some salty crackers with peanut butter and then a couple of spoonfuls of salt as my blood pressure slowly rises back to a normal level.  I laugh!  I am able to get all the wax up off the surfaces ( a small section of tan grout is slightly pink) and thank the Lord for Goof Off and Magic Erasers and the glorious information that Google provides- what did people do before Google?!  The smell of Goof Off makes me slightly queasy and I have to open several windows to air out the house even though it is currently freezing outside and snowing! Bryce was a trooper through my red wax explosion and kept his buddy Evie, who I watch during the day, busy by doing silly antics and making her laugh.  As I am finishing up, I hear a thump and crying.  Bryce's show for his friend somehow included jumping from a stepping stool onto an oven mitt and has ended in a bonked head while Evie laughs- only causing Bryce to cry harder!  Now we sit down to lunch- windows open, Bryce singing the ABC songs, Evie screaming and I realizing how funny life is...even through the craziness.

Friday, February 17, 2012


So Bryce is really into games right now- any game. We play Memory and Candyland on a weekly basis. Hide and Seek is a new favorite game. His favorite spot to hide is underneath throw pillows on the couch! He also loves to find Danny. Our newest obsession is puzzles. He got some puzzles for Christmas and loves to put them together, take them apart and put them back together! It amazes me how he continues to play these games for such a long time. May his attention span stay this long forever! :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Good Doctor Update

We are currently 28 weeks pregnant and super excited from baby #2.  At 12 weeks, they took a blood test that showed a high protein for some reason.  Babies born with spina bifida often have an increase in this protein so we were concerned.  The first ultrasound showed that our little guy is stubborn and doesn't like to move so they couldn't clear see his brain and spine to rule out spina bifida.  The second ultrasound also concluded that our little guy doesn't like to move and they yet again could not see his spine, but we could see his brain and that looked great.  This third ultrasound has revealed that he does not have spina bifida and he is super healthy! They don't know why this protein is high so as usual I am a medical mystery!   It also shows that he has a big head, like Bryce and that he will be a big guy!  We're just glad he's healthy and can't wait to meet him in 12 weeks!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Snow storm of 2012

We love living in CO where one day it can be 70 degrees one day and two days later it snows 18 inches! Bryce loves being near the snow but not necessarily in the snow. Now Benton on the other hand loves the snow and is a complete snow dog! Here's just a few pics of our adventures in the snow

Baby #2 Name

So as we progress to almost 28 weeks with baby #2, we embark of the daunting task of naming this one.  Now with Bryce, he didn't have name until 2 months until he was born so we still have a month with this one.  Naming boys is so much harder.  Before we had Bryce we came up with a name for a girl and several names for a boy....but still finding a boy name was hard!  This time finding a name for a second boy is even harder! Danny and I agree on most things but names for this child just seem to be something we just can't agree on.  Also finding a name that we both love as much as Bryce is hard as well.  This little guy will most definitely have a great name but it may be determined at the hospital!  :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

winter fun

At Botanic Gardens

Avs Game

Buzz Lightyear outside of Avs game

Last winter, Bryce wasn't very excited about the snow.  He didn't like the whole get-up of snowpants, boots, jacket....but this year is a whole different story.  Bryce even gets excited to drive out of the driveway because we get to "drive on snow".   He wakes up in the morning looking for snow and is so precious.  He really is growing up fast.  He also went to his first hockey game the other night.  We are part of a group called Game Time Memories that allows specials needs kids to attend professional sporting events and have a night out.  We had a great time watching the Avs with our new friend Erik.  Bryce also enjoyed all the music played between plays and wasn't too sure about the craziness when the Avs scored!  :)  We are enjoying this holiday season as everything is decorated beautifully and the wonderment in Bryce's eyes!  To see Christmas in the eyes of a child, makes Christmas so much better!  We are excited for next Christmas as well as we will have 2 little boys with eyes full of wonderment!
All bundled up for the snow